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Defining your brand’s purpose helps attract talent and customers.

Great brands have a visual and emotional impact that is able to attract an audience and keep them coming back for more. To achieve this, many business owners rely on creating a brand identity to guide the way they approach the look and feel of their business.

We can help you promote your BRAND or event with Postcards, Announcement Cards, Sidewalk Signs, Banner Stands, and more!


NOW is the time to brush up on the latest business trends to incorporate into your BRAND

to be prepared for your next event.

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Brands and their logos help consumers navigate to their favorite products and services. Restaurants, nail salons, car repair shops, and plumbers, ect. all use their logos to stay visible, reminding the market to think of them. Over time, logos and mascot characters take on a life of their own. Sometimes, brand owners become reluctant to make changes out of fear that customers won’t recognize them, keeping them from refreshing and modernizing their look. This is a great time to remind them that a new year brings new possibilities!

Remember that a brand refresh is not the same as a rebranding project. With a refresh, the name remains the same – you simply make subtle updates like new shades of existing colors or a more modern, cleaner font.

Forbes magazine tells us that “a brand refresh is critical to maintaining and even earning relevancy in the market.” They suggest that the age of the current brand assets might start the conversation; it is the changing tastes of consumers and the market that should drive the marketing programs.

Refreshing lets a company re-examine its assets to ensure they have the best sizes, proportions, and formats that allow the marketing team to engage in the best way for new market conditions.

The following are common assets that help customers build a brand refresh that will work for them:

Business Cards

The test often used by consultants is to ask everyone in a meeting to put their Business Cards on the table. It is common to find that everyone working for a company has a different version. Logos, typefaces, and the position of vital contact details may change over the years, but no program was in place to ensure that everyone carried updated cards.

Unleash the Power of Unique Business Cards!
Help standardize how  Business Cards look to customers with a refresh that uses textures, finishes, and even card weight to change how customers and prospects perceive that essential Business Card.

Step into a world of creativity with our specialty Business Cards! Move beyond the traditional and explore unique stocks and formats. Whether it’s full color print on heavyweight stocks, eye-catching synthetic stocks, lamination for a luxurious touch, or our innovative expanded fold-over format, your Business Cards will make a lasting impression.

Want basic cards or

premium embellishments and finishes,

we’ve got it covered for you!


If signs aren’t kept up to date, they become like wallpaper. They are in the background, but not contributing to the forward momentum of the business. Signs at the front door and throughout a shop are the essential visual elements that guide customers on their buying journey. For restaurants, it may be their association with well-known food and alcohol brands. Car shops may want to focus on partnerships with their key brand partners, while other shops will want to spotlight products and services created inside their building.

The good news is that signs are easy to produce and come in every size and shape you could need for indoor and outdoor locations. From window clings to wayfinding signs, we can build packages that allow a company to refresh their image in all the places they need visibility at one time so that the brand look becomes consistent.


Stay Top-of-Mind Every Day!

Calendars aren’t just dates; they’re a year-round promotional powerhouse! Keep your brand front and center with our eye-catching calendars. Choose a stunning full-color photograph set that aligns with your business, and personalize each month to ensure contact information is always at consumers’ fingertips. Elevate brand visibility every day of the year!


Mail is an effective way to spread news and engage customers. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) lets customers amplify their brand visibility by ZIP code, eliminating the need to buy lists. Instead, mail to ZIP codes that meet demographic requirements. It’s a great outreach to get your community’s local customers seeing your business in a fresh way.

EDDM is the perfect way to advertise sales and promotions, send coupons and so much more. It’s a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional and direct mail.

Promotional Items

FACT: Writing Instruments generate 2,436 impressions over their lifetime!

FACT: 63% of consumers keep and use promo drinkware for 1 year
or longer!

Link your brand on Cards, Notebooks, Magnets,  Pens, Drinkware, Apparel, and other giveaways that keep the brand visible and celebrate the brand refresh. We also create custom gift boxes for for the Cards and Promotional items.

And, don’t forget the Decals and Calendars to keep the brand visible year-round.

Presentation Folders, Booklets and Catalogs

Create a polished and professional look with branded Presentation Folders at meetings, trade shows, special events, school events, and more.

For clients selling products and services, Booklets and Catalogs with refreshed branding can drive continuing sales. Programs and Product Catalogs provide reference for regularly purchased items.

Available in a wide variety of stocks and finishes.

We continue our legacy of delivering unparalleled quality and innovation.

Our folders aren’t just stationery; they are your brand’s storytellers.


Improve your business’s reach and share your business messages with Postcards.  This is a very effective and cost-efficient way of getting your message out to the masses.

Reach new markets, maintain contacts and more with full color Postcards! Printed on premium quality card stock, Postcards and Tear-off Postcards are an ideal way to attract new business, stay in touch with existing clients, thank and reward loyal customers.

Popular Uses & Ideas

  • Mailing Promotions (sales, grand openings, etc.)
  • Thank You Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Retail Store Handouts

Canvassing and Fundraising

Eye-catching designs loaded with key information are key to any candidate’s political strategy. We Offer:

Signs, Banners and Posters

Coroplast/Yard Signs, A-Frame Signs, Large Posters, Banners (Outdoor & Indoor)

Direct Mail

Mailer Printing, Direct Mail, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Campaign Stationery

Business Cards, Notepads, Letterheads, Presentation Folders

Canvassing and Outreach

Flyers and Brochures, Door Hangers, Postcards

 Event Displays and Signage

Displays, Banner Stands, Tabletop Displays

Event Setup and Supplies

Counter Cards, Event Tickets, Invitations, Announcement Cards, Event Tents, Table Tents

Supporter Merchandise

Labels, Bumper Stickers, Stickers, Mugs, T-shirts, Buttons, Caps, Drinkware, Flashlights

Successful, Targeted Marketing

Brand refreshes can be beneficial to every Client as a value-add that we can bring to them. Feel free to reach out to our team at CREATIVE DESIGN & CONSULTING to discuss the options and the processes to ensure a smooth experience.

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